Substance Misuse

Everything has completely flipped for me since I got sober. I’m holding myself accountable and learning to deal with emotions.

Coping Skills

Make a list of the things you’re grateful for and see if your actions are in line. Today, I can make that list and know that I’m really there for everyone that I care about and know that I’m showing up for the people I need to show up for.

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Listen to others. I never wanted to admit that I was an alcoholic  but eventually when I started listening to other people, things started making sense again. At around 9 months I gained the self-love back.

The main coping skill I use is connection. I’ve got a gratitude list with a couple friends and we check up on each other and we check-in and say “How’s everything going?” and what we’re grateful for today.

I have been working an AA program and staying connected with friends. That makes me feel less alone and isolated.

I do a lot of self-care.  I’ve been drawing, painting and exercising.

Exercising is great, the endorphins give me the kick, I’ve been cooking a lot and audiobooks are great. Also knowing when to separate and take time for yourself. Expressing my feelings.

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The younger you start drinking, the easier it is to spiral.

Coping Tips:

I’m learning by listening to other people’s mistakes. I’m going to learn their lesson by listening to their story. I spend a lot of time making the uncomfortable my comfort zone. I am working on acquiring new skills so I can be comfortable around anyone I’m in front of.

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When I was 20 years old I got sober. I thought getting sober was going to be the worst thing ever and that the fun was over. But I ended up being able to do everything I used to do.

I mostly have stayed sober because I’ve been happy. I’ve made friends with people who genuinely care about me and they call and ask me how I am.  I’ve never had friends like that.

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Telling people that I wasn’t drinking was really scary. The idea of dating without drinking was really scary. It’s been 3 ½ years and my life has completely changed.

 I started writing again and now I’m writing a book about being young and sober.

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I don’t want to die today. That’s big.

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