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When I was 20 years old I got sober. I thought getting sober was going to be the worst thing ever and that the fun was over. But I ended up being able to do everything I used to do.

I mostly have stayed sober because I’ve been happy. I’ve made friends with people who genuinely care about me and they call and ask me how I am.  I’ve never had friends like that.

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I have a big health and wellness routine. I work out a lot. I play a lot of tennis. I try to eat healthy. I drink a lot of water.

Leading an honest life and trying to be the best version of the best person I can be.

Helping anyone you can possibly help.

Meditating. That always brought me a sense of relief.

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I don’t do things that are unsafe for me. So, if I feel I’m at risk right now, I leave. I didn’t realize that was a thing I could do. You just leave, No one notices, no one cares. 

I don’t have to make decisions right away, I can pause and take a second and think about the best way to handle a situation before doing anything.

At any point in the day if I am struggling with something there are at least 10 people I can easily call. At least one of them will answer.

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