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Joining a meeting -in person or on Zoom- is the easiest way to check out Generation S.O.S. Hear inspiring stories from our young sober speakers. You don’t have to participate in the meeting; simply listen. Check out our next meeting.

Create a short video on your mobile phone and post to Instagram, tagging @GenerationSOS #gsosintheirwords

One of our most important programs is helping young adults establish Generation S.O.S. clubs around the country. These clubs — created within high schools, colleges, places of worship, or other community organizations — provide a sense of community where our youth can safely talk about substance use/misuse problems and concerns without stigma or shame.

Club organizers work with Generation S.O.S. leadership to arrange young, sober speakers who meet with club members to share their stories and engage in authentic question and answer sessions.

How to Start a Generation S.O.S. Club at Your School

Find out who the appropriate administrator is at your school in charge of approving new clubs (could be the Dean of Student Affairs, the Dean of your Grade, or Student Club Coordinator).

Contact that administrator through email to make an appointment to see her/him regarding starting a Generation S.O.S. Club. Use this letter to begin the conversation.

Many schools require a faculty advisor for each club. Think about who might be the appropriate person to be the faculty advisor of your Generation S.O.S. Club. It could be your advisor, a teacher with whom you have a great rapport, or some schools prefer having an advisor with knowledge of health and psychological services (school nurse, school psychologist, director of health, etc.)

Meet with the school administrator and describe the goal of the club: to provide a safe space for kids to hear empowering messages of experience, strength, and hope around substance use/misuse and to begin a conversation that helps erase the stigma surrounding this topic. Provide the administrator with this About Generation S.O.S. one-page letter.

Describe how a Generation S.O.S. School Club would work: Schedule a Club meeting time (could be monthly, quarterly or semiannually) where the club would meet and (with the help of Robin and Jim) bring in a young sober speaker to speak to high school kids during that designated time. At the club meeting, the club leader will introduce the meeting and say a few words about Generation S.O.S. and the mission.

The Club leader will then introduce the young speaker to share his/her journey through addiction. There will then be a brief Q & A with the speaker, and the meeting will close. Kids can learn more about Generation S.O.S. through printed materials available at the meeting. A longer-term goal would be to have Generation S.O.S. School Clubs working together to bring a Generation S.O.S. Club meeting to an inner-city community or school.

Support: Generation S.O.S. support team (Robin and Jim) are available to provide speakers, provide all support information, and also speak to school administrators to give background info on Generation S.O.S. and how Generation S.O.S. Clubs work in other schools.

For more information please contact Jim Hood, CEO: 







We’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest information from Generation S.O.S.

Our meetings have been standing room only from the start, with students from many neighboring schools attending. We have phenomenal speakers who connect with the students as no adult could.

For parents

There are so many ways to get involved with Generation S.O.S.

Parents are welcome to listen and participate in our meetings and conversations with our speakers. At the end of each meeting, parents are asked to leave, so teens have their own time to speak freely and ask questions without parents present. Check out our next meeting.

We welcome parents’ stories and invite you to send a short video or a few paragraphs to

Parents can start a local chapter by becoming a host family. The host family coordinates regular meetings and events and serves as the Generation S.O.S. representative for their community. Email for info on how to start a chapter.


We’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest information from Generation S.O.S.

My son attended a meeting in New York with a friend and told me, ‘’We need to bring Generation S.O.S. to Miami.” I’m so proud to be a host family for the meetings.

– Darlene, parent, board member, Miami Beach

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