Uncensored Stories About Mental Health & Substance Misuse


On Record 07:
“why are bodies trends?”

Published: 12/06/2022

A speech language pathologist and model who was bullied growing up shares how she navigates loving her past and present self through awareness, therapy, and embracing her individuality.

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On Record 06:
“i drank my way around the world”

Published: 11/18/2022

Abi traveled the world to escape her emotional reality, using alcohol and drugs to suppress it all. Now, she tells her story from start to finish, discussing British culture, alcoholism, and journaling toward sobriety.

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On Record 04:
“suffering in silence”

Published: 10/24/2022

A fitness coach turned his childhood anxiety and familial trauma into strength and knowledge. Listen to him talk about being a man struggling with mental health, coping with alcohol, and processing trauma.

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On Record 3:
“park avenue to park bench”

Published: 10/17/2022

A brutally honest story about navigating addiction and sobriety in NYC, “the easiest place in the world to get drunk, and the easiest place to get sober”.

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On Record 3:
“f*uck!ing with dopamine”

Published: 10/11/2022

Binge drinking, inner work and meditation. Listen to Bardia, the Stop Drinking Coach, talk about drinking culture in his 20s and how to find purpose without participating.

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On Record 2:
“one of the lucky ones”

Published: 09/30/2022

Our speaker tells her story about fentanyl, friendships, rehab and sober living, proving that there is life after active addiction.

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On Record 1:

Published: 09/29/2022

Welcome to On Record- Generation S.O.S.

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On Record 4:
A Terrible Loss Turns into a Massive Mission

Published: 05/05/2022

Jim Hood, the CEO of Generation SOS, lost his son to drug use after years with the ups and downs of addiction at the tender age of 20. Devastated but not defeated, Jim processed his pain by turning to a higher purpose: teenage drug prevention. In this episode, we learn what resilience looks like from a grieving dad, experience an intensely vulnerable moment from Kristie, and learn the importance of the work Generation SOS is doing to save our children.

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