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Meeting teens where they meet

I can’t promise I won’t try drugs or drink. It’s not realistic. What I have learned at Generation S.O.S. is the importance of making smarter choices.

One of our most important programs is helping young adults establish Generation S.O.S. clubs around the country. These clubs — created within high schools, colleges, places of worship, or other community organizations — provide a sense of community where our youth can safely talk about substance use/misuse problems and concerns without stigma or shame.

Club organizers work with Generation S.O.S. leadership to arrange young, sober speakers who meet with club members to share their stories and engage in authentic question and answer sessions.

How to Start a Generation S.O.S. Club at Your School

There are many ways to bring Generation S.O.S. to your school. Use this letter to start a dialogue:

If you already know you want to start a Generation S.O.S. club in school, here’s how to do it:

For more information please contact Jim Hood, CEO: 

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